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We are Worknetics Global

Employment Without Borders


Our Story

Worknetics was founded in 2018 by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs on the sunny island of Singapore to meet the rising demand for Tech Talent by matching companies in Singapore to Tech Talent in Vietnam.  We understand that the need for companies to streamline that organisational structure and leverage cost efficiencies to drive profits.

We are firm believers in having a Distributed Team to reap the Benefits of Diversity and gaining Access to Top Talents Globally. 


With a Simple Value Proposition, we decided to help companies all over the world Onboard Talents Anywhere and manage Compliance, HR & Payroll on their behalf without the need for them to set up and manage multiple offshore entities.

Since then we have scaled to cover the full suite of EOR/PEO Services in major parts of Asia while serving global companies all over the World.


Our Corporate Philosophy

The story behind our name - Worknetics was derived from our Core Belief that work should be Progressive (work + network) and Good (ethics) where we make a positive impact on the Community. We are committed to consistently provide a high quality of service that is tailored to our clients’ needs.We believe that we are only successful when we are enable our clients’ to achieve their success.

Vietnam in our opinion is one of the most interesting markets in Southeast Asia today. This is attributed to their high growth rate, free trade agreements, political stability, and a large population of young and skilled workforce. To top it off, businesses are able to leverage low operating and labor costs. By understanding their history and culture, it presents a greater appreciation of how the country and people are growing and flourishing.


Human capital in Vietnam was a starting point for us because of the quantity, skill, and cultural fit of its workforce. Citing one particular industry, Vietnam is recognized for its large and growing tech talent pool with around 100,000 of them graduating every year. They are ranked as one of the top in global outsourcing studies. To add, Ho Chi Minh City University is highly ranked globally in terms of its graduate's skill level.

From our humble operations in Vietnam, we have since expanded into other parts of Asia.


From Singapore to Vietnam, Asia,
and the World