• Aida Xie

Importance of a Good Recruitment Process

When people analyse the growth of any company, most will look only at the numbers that the company produces, however we tend to forget the most important factor behind those numbers, and that is the company’s staff. In order for a business to achieve numbers that reflect growth, employees are the ones that have to work hard. Therefore, how successful your company will become largely depends on how you set up your recruitment.

Recruitment is a process of finding the ideal candidate, at the right place, at an appropriate time which can be rather hectic. It is imperative to fine-tune and improve the recruitment process given that it is very crucial to organizational performance. Unfortunate but true, if the recruitment was not done well; the candidate may even become a liability to the company. Take some time to develop a recruiting system that enables you to hire people with the skills you need and the motivation to work for you. A good process not only finds great employees but saves you time and money on replacing and training new people. It also puts forth a positive image to your customers, peers and competitors who will view you more as a legitimate and efficient business. Recruiting is rarely a private affair so there must be a level of professionalism. For a start, the HR team and line managers, who are increasingly involved in the hiring, should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

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Having quality and motivated employees is the number one goal for any organization. Chalking out the criterion that is required for the job and advertising it in places where you know you will be able to attract people with the relevant skill set is obviously the first step. Do a research on what competitors are paying for the same job, as well as the benefits they are offering. Many excellent employees may actually choose a lower paying job if the benefits outweigh that of the company offering a higher salary. Employing the right people will definitely increase productivity and eventually profit for the business. On the contrary and as mentioned above, some employees may become liabilities and that can be very costly due to low productivity and the need to repeat the long process of hiring and training.

With proper selection, training time and money can be saved by the company. For instance, go through a systematic set of questions and even skills tests if the candidates are able to fulfill the job requirements. Once you have logically go through the process, you will be more confident in knowing that your selection of candidates will be based more on defined metrics instead of gut feelings. Eliminating subjective bias will certainly enhance your chances of employing the ideal candidate. As long as the turnover rate is low, the amount of downtime will decline and your business revenue will not be negatively impacted.

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