• Aida Xie

Tips to Stay Healthy at Work

The adage “health is wealth” is almost a cliché nowadays; however, it is indeed true to a great extent. Without good health, we would not be in optimal condition to handle important matters such as taking care of your children, working on your report or project that might determine your salary increment or watching a football match with your buddies.

One of the most common reason people give for not having those ripped abs is not having the time and energy to do what is required. As a matter of fact, this is true for working professionals. Eight hours on a chair in front of a computer, five days a week can take a toll on your body. There are people whose schedule is so hectic that they either have no time to eat or only have time to wolf down a slice of pizza or a burger. It is no wonder that kilos are creeping on and sizes are expanding. Here are a few things that employees can do regularly to ensure they stay healthy, no guarantee on the abs though.

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Eat Sensibly

Most people who work in the office find it difficult to eat healthy and hold their waning willpower

responsible for it (myself included). Although easier said than done, but it is imperative that we exercise self-control.

The snacks, such as chips or chocolates, that your colleagues so nicely place on their desk or even yours can add a few hundred calories to your daily diet if you are not careful and they can leave you growing horizontally if you help yourself day after day. From personal experience, when the afternoon slump hits around 3pm, it is doubly hard to avoid snacking. If that’s the end of the road for your willpower, snack on healthy alternatives such as fruits and nuts which will keep you feeling satisfied without giving you the sluggish feeling.

It is ideal to eat healthy but let’s face it; it is extremely challenging to have salad for lunch every single day. Moderation is key. You do not need to completely forget about junk food; just limit its consumption and pay attention to what you eat. Be mindful of the portion size as well, so that you are not consuming too many calories and then sitting on a chair for the rest of the day.

Drink Water

Being immersed in work means losing track of how much water you are drinking in a day. However, it is crucial that you drink enough to stay hydrated and active. Dehydration can cause ill effects, such as drowsiness and lethargy. 8 to 10 glasses of water each day should be adequate and fruits are also good sources of water. Additionally, being hydrated can prevent you from thinking you are hungry when in fact it is just the thirst.

Get Up And Move

There is no escaping exercise when it comes to being healthy. We are designed for movement and to be active instead of being statuesque. How do we exercise when we are stuck in the office? Going out for lunch and not eating at your desk is just one of many solutions. It will help you de-stress, improves circulation and refreshes yourself. Other things you can do are, climb the stairs instead of using the elevator, park further away than usual and one that you might be pleased to hear is to take frequent breaks. You may think that taking a break will waste your time and prevent you from getting out of office on time, but it can actually be productive. Not doing so can make you mentally worn out and decrease your productivity. Make it a point to get away from your desk every now and then for a few minutes (not any longer please).

Staying in good shape requires an immense effort. The above 3 tips may seem straightforward but are usually not put in action by people. Good health and fitness cannot be achieved overnight, which is why it is important to incorporate certain habits into your daily routine. There are other essential tips which we will cover in the future, in the meantime, work on the above tips for a start and reap the benefits!

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