• Aida Xie

Career Building Without Borders

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a tremendous increase in the unemployment rate because businesses globally are badly affected. Amid such dire times, the world evolves to leverage on technology to come up on top. Businesses are now embracing more remote work to stay safe and to stay competitive. As such, we decided to play our role in the ecosystem to help companies to push on ahead while at the same time contribute to human capital development. Introducing Worknetics' Virtual Internship Program.

Virtual Internship is a work experience program that undergrads and fresh graduates able to work for companies remotely, away from the traditional workplace environment. That means that they can work with companies across the globe to support and learn from meaningful projects. It can be ranging from business development, creative design, digital marketing, financial assessments, recruitment, tech development, UI / UX design, and much more, allowing them to continue to obtain practical skills and further develop them.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Classified eight (8) competencies that one can gain from a Virtual Internship Program:

1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Encountering new challenges allows for critical thinking that makes way for decision making to overcome problems.

2. Oral/Written Communications

Being part of a team means that work has to be communicated, be it through a call, text, email, or written reports.

3. Teamwork/Collaboration

Especially in virtual internships, teams often are based in different countries around the world, giving insights to new cultures and knowledge.

4. Digital Technology

The use of technology for remote working helps in communication and to complete tasks.

5. Leadership

Leadership is the result of helping others direct their actions to achieve goals.

6. Professionalism/Work Ethic

Shared responsibility and teamwork involve understanding one another for better communication, handling of workload, and professional obligations.

7. Career Management

Reveal strengths and weaknesses to improve, while at the same time, obtain expertise and abilities to attract future job opportunities.

8. Global/Intercultural Fluency

Accept the difference that occurs during work that comes with culture, race, and gender around the world, in turn, to develop mutual respect.

With a stable Internet connection and an email account, students can work from their dorm, home, or coffee shop, and they are unrestricted by geographic boundaries. It presents an attractive opportunity to land a gig with a top company without having to move to another state or country. There is no longer a need to limit one's search to their city to gain the experience needed for a competitive edge. A virtual internship truly is an opportunity like no other.

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