• Aida Xie

Covid19 Crisis - Playing Our Part

2020 has been off to a rough start with the world dealing with a potential pandemic. People across the globe closing off their borders to China and even ostracizing the Chinese race after the virus was seen spreading across different parts of the globe. The CoVid19 crisis is not only affecting tourism but businesses, supply chains and of course the economy as a whole. But all is not lost.

In Singapore, we see companies implementing added measures to ensure that their staff stays safe and healthy during this season. From regular temperature screening, permitting them to work from home and canceling physical meetings to have them online instead. No doubt, there are disruptions to daily lives and work but it is for the benefit of both the company and their staff. Businesses and organizations are also innovating and embracing the use of technology to go digital in order to refine processes this season when people are avoiding physical meetups.

The tech media in China recently reported that there was a significant rise in the usage of tech platforms by their citizens as they deal with this epidemic. The silver lining is that in a season of difficulty, humanity is pushed out of our comfort zone where there will be groups of people that are caught in a situation of panic while it is an opportunity for the majority to refine the way we live life. Technology is the future as people continue to learn to be more receptive and evolve with it.

Humanity has overcome multiple epidemics and disasters and we will continue to do so. Therefore, let us continue to stay calm and leave fear at the door. Instead, let us continue to bind together and support one another even more.

At Worknetics, we too decided to play our part to encourage and appreciate our frontline healthcare workers in Singapore for their tireless dedication and hard work 24hrs a day, ensuring that the virus is contained and victims are nursed back into health. We set out to gather essential supplies such as Salonpas, energy bars, lozenges, isotonic drinks and more. We packed them nicely into containers and delivered them to the main hospital dealing with the outbreak.

The fact is that today we are so much more connected to the nations around us and are highly interdependent. We cannot choose to isolate but instead embrace a collective social responsibility and stay positive for our future.

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