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  • Aida Xie

Hi, we're now Worknetics Global!

We figured it's time to let you in as the rebranding experience taking place. Over the coming weeks and months, you'll start to notice our new brand identity across all our channels and we will also be revealing more details of our new service offerings.

So, why the sudden change?

The changes are not just about our visual identity but also our services, positioning, and purpose. It is a reflection of both our evolvement as a company and our plans moving forward. As we continue to diversify and scale our offerings while broadening our own global footprints, we thought it was only fitting to revamp our brand identity to better represent who we are now and what we are bringing to the table for our customers.

Worknetics started in 2018 on the sunny island of Singapore, to meet the rising demand for Tech Talent by matching companies in Singapore to Tech Talent in Vietnam. Along with executing our core mission of making distributed tech teams accessible to startups, SMEs, and large enterprises, we saw the needs of our clients to make better their global employment and expansion experience as a whole.

As part of this rebranding initiative, our vision was made clearer. To enable businesses to scale a distributed workforce easily and seek out global opportunities. We have scaled progressively with operations that now span across major parts of Asia, highlighting the EOR/PEO services that we provide directly in these markets. And we will continue to expand into other major markets in the world as we move forward.

Our origin as Worknetics was derived from our core belief that work should be Progressive (work+network) and Good (ethics) where we make a positive impact on the community. We still hold our core beliefs dearly. The word Global represents our company's global expansion as well as who our customers are right now.

We like to appreciate the team, our partners, and our customers for being on this journey with us. We love what we do and we know exactly why we are doing what we are doing. It is therefore exciting to look towards this new chapter and what the future holds.

#WorkneticeGlobal #Globalemployment #hireanyoneanywhere

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