• Aida Xie

Review 2020 with us - Grow in Adversity

2020 no doubt was a year filled with challenges where many businesses were not spared due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even for us at Worknetics, it meant streamlining our business model and adapting to the needs of our clients in order to better support them during these difficult times. We believe that adversity is one of the most powerful forces in life, and how we choose to react defines our best or worst. While no one would say they enjoy and embrace adversities with open arms, but it does play a vital role in growth and greatness. We thought to list down some of our takeaways from this challenging year.

Adversity offered valuable insights

The key is overcoming adversity is to first recognize that it is a great teacher. Instead of blaming the pandemic, the economy, or the current circumstance, we took the chance to look hard at what we were doing and our plans ahead. We decided to focus on the areas that were within our control and asked ourselves how could we further innovate and add value to our clients.

Made peace & looked for new opportunities

Complaining that business was difficult was not going to do us any good. Instead, we quickly made peace with the situation and started to look for new opportunities amid adversity which we otherwise might have missed. Hard times presented a chance for change, to reinvent, and discover new opportunities.

Purpose & mindset

We found meaning and purpose in what we were doing, helping companies scale their distributed teams with ease and facilitating market expansion across the region. With that, we decided to be fully committed to pushing ahead, embracing adversity, and not give up. So, instead of scaling back, we pushed ahead with our expansion plans, brought on new team members, and increased our offerings in two more markets with two more in the pipeline.

Our new markets!

From our headquarters in Singapore, we bridged to Vietnam in 2018, and now Malaysia and Indonesia in 2020. It truly is exciting times ahead as we see the massive opportunities in the years ahead within the Southeast Asia region.

Whether you are a startup, mid-sized company, or even a multinational company looking to expand and scale your team in these countries, we are here to offer you an affordable and seamless solution. Meanwhile, stay tuned to the next two other markets that we will be venturing into.

We like to end off by thanking our clients, partners, and friends that have supported us over the years as we look forward to a brighter 2021 for all of us.

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