• Aida Xie

Why Engage an Offshore Tech Team?

As startup founders ourselves in Singapore, we experience first hand the pain points in building a tech platform with limited resources in Singapore. From costly overheads to difficulty in establishing a local tech team, the timeline needed to launch a product is significantly prolonged. Therefore, we founded Worknetics for people just like us: curious, hardworking, sociable entrepreneurs. People who want to focus on creating great, innovative products and businesses.

Maybe today you have a great startup idea and you require the necessary tech talent. Finding the right talent with the right skills set and the right amount of experience is no easy feat. If you tried looking for such developers locally and are unable to find exactly what you are looking for then it is time expand your search beyond the local region. Well, maybe you did find someone who fits the bill, but hiring this individual is going to cost you a fortune. In addition, you want at least a team of 3 – 5 guys to work on the project so that you can finish it sooner and get it to market.

Time is not on your side and any delay could mean someone else might beat you to that idea. Here is where we recommend our offshore tech team model. While there are arguments against engaging offshore teams, these could be easily overcome by partnering with us and following a simple guideline.

At Worknetics, we will shortlist relevant profiles for you to choose from. All our candidates have to go through a business English proficiency test and a personality test. Your job is then to interview the candidates and ensure their communication skills. You can even put them through a technical test to ascertain their technical skills.

There are multiple benefits in hiring an offshore team:

1. There is a readily available pool of talent.

2. You can engage this team and put them to work straightaway without the need to train them and settle them into your office.

3. Engaging a full offshore team results in these developers having to work as a team. Having them altogether, means they can get to know each others strengths, weaknesses and function accordingly.

4. Cost saving. This is a huge advantage especially for startups and smaller organisations to cut about 25 to 30 per cent off their overall cost.

5. Remove the hassle of worrying about the logistics and administration of maintaining full time employees on site.

The final bonus is our offshore tech teams are located in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam which is just a 2 hours flight away from Singapore. Not to mention, they are multiple airlines flying this route all throughout the day. Feel free to drop by anytime to visit your team in person.

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