• Aida Xie

Worknetics 2019: Year in Review

As we come to the close of 2019 for many of us, it is a time of reflection followed by putting together plans for the new year. Our team at Worknetics took the time to review how 2019 was for us as well, and we must say it was nothing short of an exciting adventure.

We had the privilege to serve many new clients, built meaningful partnerships, launched our Vietnam Market Expansion Service and scaled our business growth team this year. More importantly, we had the chance to refine our internal processes and built a corporate culture that we are proud of. While as a family, we celebrated each other's milestones and be there for each other when the need arises. Even on a personal level, our founding team has been very blessed. One of us got married to his soul mate, and the others welcomed two newborn babies into their families.

Photo by Matt Duncan

As we look back even after running for close to two years, we do not think we are a perfect organization nor have it all together. As with any business, we do experience hiccups occasionally, and operating a cross border business does bring about its challenges in terms of language and culture. Here, we would like to thank our clients and partners for trusting and being patient with us over the last year. We will continue to commit to doing our best to deliver an even better experience as we enter the new decade.

As Benjamin Franklin said,

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

We re-looked at our original intention, to play a key role in elevating the startup ecosystem in South East Asia. Having gone through the startup journey ourselves and understanding the pain points, we recognize that scaling a business is not an easy task. We believe that the right partnerships are essential to building a successful business. Therefore, for next year we have lined up our plans to take Worknetics to new heights! So stay tuned to new happenings from us coming your way!

From all of us, wishing you guys all the success for the year to come! See you all in 2020!

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